Guelph ARC Response to COVID19

by | 2020-03-18

With the COVID19 outbreak, norms are being shattered and we are expected to change on the fly. To that end, the club would like to announce the following:

Weekly Nets Reactivated:
We are reactivating the Monday Evening Nets effective Monday (March 23) at 7:30PM ET. We are looking for volunteers to be NCS for the next few weeks, and will post them to the Nets page. If you are interested, please send a note to If you are a relatively new operator, don’t be shy – we will send you the net preamble and the instructions on how to hold a net. 

This is a great way to hone our communication skills during a time of crisis, and also a great way to be social during a time when all social interaction is happening remotely. We hope to hear everyone on the nets going forward. 

Regular Meetings Reinstated – To Be Held Virtually:
The next club meetings will occur, but they will be held virtually using GoToMeeting. This is the same tool that RAC uses to facilitate their Board and Executive meetings nationally, and it’s a great way to get people together, face-to-face, and hold full and proper business meetings with presentations. If you are a Windows or Mac user, please go to, download the software and install the plugin. If you plan to use your smartphone or tablet to attend the meeting, please goto the Apple Store or the Google Play store and install the GoToMeeting App. We ask that you use headphone/earphones at the least – preferably a wired or wireless headset – to cut down on crosstalk/feedback during the conferences. Installing the plugin/app only serves to prepare your PC/device to eventually connect to the conference when the links are posted to the website, so you do not need to sign up for an account. Please stay tuned to the Events Calendar for details of the meetings as they are posted.

Central Ontario Hamfest 2020 Cancelled:
We regret inform everyone that the Central Ontario Hamfest (previously scheduled for June 7, 2020) joins the growing list of events that are cancelled due to COVID19. The Waterloo Regional Police Association has advised that their rental facilities are closed beyond June 7, 2020.  This comes as no surprise, but still it’s a disappointment. Next year we will start planning for the 2021 event, to be held on Sunday, June 6.